Sunday, November 12, 2023  |  Greenville, SC

Gates open at 3:00 pm. The concert will begin at 5:00pm but come early for our special military program starting at 3:30pm.
Come early to browse displays of military vehicles!

Warbirds Flyover Team

“Ladies and gentlemen, performing today’s aerial tribute is The Warbirds Flyover Team.  Specializing in precision formation, The Warbirds are led by former Naval Carrier aviator and combat veteran, Hank Gibson of Jacksonville, Florida.  A Naval Academy graduate, he flew the A-7 Corsair and FA-18 Hornet strike aircraft and has arrested landings aboard 7 different aircraft carriers.  Now a corporate pilot, Hank and his team perform National Anthem flyovers for the NFL, NCAA, NASCAR, PGA and other corporate entities and Veteran’s groups.

Team members are all veterans of the uniformed services and truly understand the dedication and sacrifice that our men and women are making daily worldwide.

Flying the post-World War II Nanchang CJ-6 and YAK-52, the popular radial engine powered military trainers which we call the “trophies of the Cold War” make the crowd pleasing distinctive rumble of yesteryear and make a terrific formation platform.

Today we celebrate the freedom of flight and honor all of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in the defense of our great nation and way of life.  The other pilots today are Richard Langer from Ocala, Florida –  Jimmy Burke from Lawrenceville, Ga – Matt Lazar from Carrolton, GA and Wayne Altman from Savannah, GA.

Special Forces Association Parachute Team

A brotherhood that honors the fallen because Freedom is Not Free!
The Special Forces Parachute Team originally known as the Green Beret Parachute Club was formed in 1961.
The Quiet Professional
When we think about our soldiers, few of us consider what their sacrifices really mean. Missed births and birthdays. Missed anniversaries and holidays. Missed soccer games and school plays. Everyday moments with husbands, wives and their children are missed.
We have been doing professional parachute demonstrations for 54 years.

Christian Stolz & The Broken Arrows

Based out of Nashville Tennessee,
Christian Stolz & The Broken Arrows are a neo-traditional style country music band.
Featuring Christian Stolz and Chase Ryan as the lead singers, while Christian also plays the Fiddle and Chase plays the Guitar.
Before moving to Nashville to pursue their music careers, Christian and Chase both served four years honorably in the US Marine Corps as infantrymen.
The band also features Michael Scalabrino on the lead Guitar, Isaac Wilson on Bass Guitar, Ty Carter on the Drums, and Trent Gilbert on the Pedal Steel Guitar.
Their sound is heavily influenced by 90s country music with tight harmonies and strong instrumentals in both cover songs and original music.

Also Featuring

Clay Page and Ryan Spencer

Watch Ryan Spencer’s powerful performance of Make 22 Zero Again – A song raising awareness of the horrible daily suicide rate in our veteran community.

Also Featuring