Upstate Veterans Alliance

                     FOUNDING TEAM MEMBERS

Prisma Health

With over 550 self-identified Prisma Health Employee & Volunteer Veterans, our Mission is to be a voice for Prisma Health Veterans by providing awareness and support concerning the needs of Veterans and their families.

General Electric

GE corporate advocates for veterans nationwide in all communities GE is present in.  Our mission is three-fold: Hire veterans at all levels within GE. Grow and retain the veterans hired. Support veterans in our communities


Allied forces during WWII used a special Michelin map of Normandy on that fateful day June 6, 1944 to plan the invasion.  You can even use those famous Michelin Guides to find the best restaurants in the world and the greatest chefs. Michelin has supported the military through the innovation of the Space Shuttle Tire the specialized tire for the MRAPs.

Greenville Drive

The Greenville Drive, the single-A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, is a staple of the Greenville Community.  Hosting 70+ ballgames a year and over 100 community and corporate events, the Drive and Fluor Field are proud to be home to the ‘Upstate Salute’ and to take part in developing this very special concert into an annual tradition for our local Veterans and their families.

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